Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS)

Certification Industry: Agile

Certificate Name: Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS)

Certificate Issuing Authority:

Certification Price: 250 USD

Certificate Validity: 2 years

Certification Details:

The Salary for Certification Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) is $117K. Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) certification is for those who wish to validate his or her depth of knowledge of the scaling Scrum and the Nexus Framework. The certificate will give the Understanding how to manage and participate in scaled software and product development using Nexus. Know the appropriate agile practices and scaling fundamentals you could apply to multiple Scrum teams working together Scaled Professional Scrum certification is the only publicly available assessment of your knowledge on scaling Scrum and agility.

Exam Details:


1.Passing score: 85% or greater


2.Time limit: 60 minutes


3.Number of Questions: 40


4.Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, and True/False


5.Difficulty: Intermediate


6.Language: English only


Scaled Professional Scrum Workshop Ways to Learn More to help you prepare Practice Assessment: Nexus Open Passwords have no expiration date but are valid for one attempt only When you purchase a password, it is set up in our system and emailed to you within one business day. All students who attend the SPS workshop are emailed a password upon completion of the course (typically within 3-5 business days). If you pass the Scaled Professional Scrum assessment you will receive the industry-recognized "SPS" certification, along with a badge that you can use to identify your achievement. Your name will be posted publicly for colleagues, managers, and potential employers to see on the website.


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