Certified Coding Specialist - Physician-based Exam (CCS-P)

Certification Industry: Healthcare

Certificate Name: Certified Coding Specialist - Physician-based Exam (CCS-P)

Certificate Issuing Authority: American Health Information Management Association

Certification Price: Premium Member Price: $284.05 Member Price: $299 Non-Member Price: $399

Certificate Validity: The credential is valid for two years

Certification Details:

Those coding enthusiasts who have expertise in physician-based activities like physician offices, specialty centers and possess detailed knowledge of CPT coding systems should give this exam. The data coded by these coders is submitted to insurance companies and to the government for the expense reimbursement. 

Who Should Apply?

Minimum Qualification Required:

Candidates must meet one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • By Credential: RHIA®, RHIT®, or CCS® OR

  • By Education: The following courses MUST be completed; anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, medical terminology, reimbursement methodology, intermediate/advanced ICD diagnostic coding, and procedural coding and medical services (CPT/HCPCS); OR

  • By Experience: Minimum of two (2) years of related coding experience directly applying codes; OR

  • By Credential with Experience: CCA® plus one (1) year of coding experience directly applying codes; OR

  • Other Coding credentials from other certifying organizations plus one (1) year coding experience directly applying codes.


  1. Increase in Knowledge: You will work on new technology in the field of data management. Medical scenarios and dealing with the patients will improve your experience in this field. Thus, you can work with big companies as well.  

Opportunity for Professional Connections: You will get an opportunity to work with experienced doctors and increase your network that can help in career growth as well.

Exam Details:

Number of Questions: 97 MCQs (79 are scored and 18 are pretest) and 8 Scenarios

Type of Questions: MCQ and Medical Scenario Section

Time allotted: 4 Hours

Examination Topics

  1. Health Information Documentation (8-12%)

  2. Diagnosis and/or Procedure Coding (60-64%)

  3. Regulatory Guidelines and Reporting Requirements for Outpatient Services (8-12%)

  4. Data Quality and Management (5-7%)

  5. Information and Communication Technologies (2-4%)

  6. Privacy, Confidentiality, Legal and Ethical Issues (4-6%)

  7. Compliance (3-5%)