Certified Consumer and Small Business Sales Professional

Certification Industry: Insurance

Certificate Name: Certified Consumer and Small Business Sales Professional

Certificate Issuing Authority: AA ISP

Certification Price:

Certificate Validity:

Certification Details:

The Certified Consumer and Small Business Sales Professional (CCSB) is aimed at individuals involved in a customer-facing role and engaged in improving sales made to consumers and small businesses. This certification enhances the communication skills of a professional along with the accurate usage of emotional intelligence to grasp the consumer mindsets.

Average Salary Range

USA  : $54,000

(Source : https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Certification=Certified_Sales_Professional_(CSP)/Salary)

India :  3,91,000 INR

(Source : https://www.payscale.com/research/IN/Certification=Certified_Sales_Professional_(CSP)/Salary)

Who Should Apply?

The Certified Consumer and Small Business Sales Professional (CCSB) credential is designed for Business-2-Consumer (B2C) Professional Salespersons. It improves their skills and overall performance.


  1. Professional Growth -

The specialized skills imparted in a Sales rep with CCSB certification improves the quality of conversations and sales. It places an individual on the peak of the sales profession and validates the sales rep’s competency.

  1. Temperament Training -

It is greatly essential for a Sales rep to establish an emotional connection with the client in order to conduct sales. The emotional temperament training is provided to a professional for building a positive rapport and generating a fruitful outcome.

Exam Details:

The CCSB Accreditation Process

It is a web-based, online program that includes a comprehensive, 4-module course. 

Active Mentoring

Each learner is assigned a mentor who is an expert on each of the 4 courses. The mentor reviews the learner’s work listens to their verbal recordings and provides personalized coaching.

For getting started, log on to Register for CCSB Accreditation.

Tuition Rates

AA-ISP Professional Members: $895

AA-ISP Associate and Non-members: $995 (1-year AA-ISP Professional Membership included)