Microsoft 365 Identity and Services (MS-100)

Certification Industry: Cloud

Certificate Name: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services (MS-100)

Certificate Issuing Authority: Microsoft

Certification Price: $165 USD

Certificate Validity:

Certification Details:

The Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Exam is designed to implement Microsoft 365 services, manage access and authentication, and plan Office 365 applications. This exam is meant for Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrators who play an active role in managing Microsoft 365 services. Before applying for this exam, the candidates should possess adequate knowledge of networking, server administration, and IT fundamentals such as DNS, and Powershell.

Average Salary Range

USA : $114,000 (Source)

India : 6,62,000 INR (Source)

Examination Topics

  1. Design and implement Microsoft 365 services (25-30%)

  2. Manage user identity and roles (35-40%)

  3. Manage access and authentication (20-25%)

  4. Plan Office 365 workloads and applications (10-15%)

Exam Details:

    Number of questions : 50 Multiple-Choice Questions

    Passing Score : 700

    Exam Time : 120 minutes

    Exam Languages : English, Japanese

    Exam Scheduling : Can be scheduled with PearsonVUE

    Time Taken To Prepare For The Exam

    It takes about two weeks in all to study for Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Exam (MS-100).

    Refer to the following links for getting started with the preparation process of the Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Exam (MS-100).

    1. Online (Free)

    2. Instructor-Led (Paid)

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