Prep Quiz : Scrum Master Certification

A set of 200 practice questions to test your knowledge related to Scrum (Scrum Theory , Scrum Roles , Scrum Events and Scrum Artifacts)

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Prep Quiz : Scrum Master Certification
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Practice Assessment 4 | No. of Questions: 60 |

This course contains 200 practice questions to evaluate your scrum knowledge in order to prepare for scrum master professional certifications .  I recommend re-taking these prep tests until you consistently score 100% - that’s when you’re ready to sit the certification exam and achieve a great score!

Happy Learning !

Why should you enroll in this course ?
QUALITY over QUANTITY . All the quiz questions are of high quality . You will learn things as you answer .
The quizzes are a great first start if you are new to Scrum and would like to test your knowledge ,
The quizzes are a great refresher if you are preparing for interviews or certifications .
The quizzes have been written keeping in mind the type of trick questions one gets asked in interviews and certifications .
The  quizzes covers certain scenario based questions that probes your scrum knowledge  .
The explanations provided for each questions are crisp so that it sticks in your mind forever .
I am available to answer  any questions you have 7 days a week . 

Legal Information and Disclaimer.
The statements made and opinions expressed herein belong exclusively to the creator of this course and are not shared by or represent the viewpoint of Scrum .org.  This training does not constitute an endorsement of any product, service or point of view.  Scrum .org makes no representations, warranties or assurances of any kind, express or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, availability or currency of the content contained in this presentation or any material related to this presentation.  In no event shall Scrum .org, its agents, officers, employees, licensees or affiliates be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, business information, loss of information) arising out of the information or statements contained in the training.  Any reliance you place on such content is strictly at your own risk.

All the content related to Scrum Guide is taken from scrumguides. org and is under the Attribution ShareAlike license of Creative Commons.

The authors of the Scrum Guide are Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.

This course is meant for Scrum Masters , Developers , Product Owners , Project Managers and Agile coach . By signing up for this course you will have access to the highest quality practice questions which will test you knowledge on the fundamental of Scrum , Scrum Events , Scrum Roles and Scrum Artifacts .

Good luck !

Nilanjan Nandi

Nilanjan is a performance-driven, strategic, and multi-faceted, Program Manager, Technology Leader, Agile Coach and Senior Scrum Master, completing high-quality IT projects for multiple high-profile clients across banking, insurance, and healthcare sectors. Currently he works as a Technical Product Owner . He holds multiple certifications in Agile ( PMI-ACP , PSM 1 , PSM II, PSPO 1 , PAL , PSD1, SAFe SPC , iCAgile Certified Agile Coach ),Cloud Technology (3x AWS , 1x Azure , 1x Oracle) and Pega (Pega System Architect  and Business Architect )

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