Accredited Inside Sales Manager (AISM) Details

Certification Industry: Sales

Certificate Name: Accredited Inside Sales Manager (AISM)

Certificate Issuing Authority: AA ISP

Certification Price: AA-ISP Members: $2,250 Non-Members: $2,350

Certificate Validity:

Accredited Inside Sales Manager (AISM) certification is a mixture of online learning and leadership activities, the candidates are required to earn at least 8 credits from the course available.

After completing the course, candidates have to take up the capstone project.

Average Salary Range

India: INR 624,390 ( Source )

USA: $63,672 ( Source )

Who Should Apply for Accredited Inside Sales Manager (AISM)?

Those who want to enter the sales profession can apply for this exam. 


Better Payscale: The sales manager with this certification earns 20-30% higher than others with the same post.

Accredited Inside Sales Manager (AISM) Exam Details:

  1. The Role & Essential Activities of the Inside Sales Manager ( 1 Credit)

  2. Managing Performance of the Inside Sales Professionals (1.5 Credit)

  3. Call Coaching for Inside Sales (1 Credit)

  4. Sales Models of Inside Sales Organizations (1 Credit)

  5. Selling the Value of Inside Sales ( 1 Credit)

  6. The AA-ISP Leadership Summit Practicum ( 1 Credit)

  7. Insights from Industry Experts (1 Credit)

  8. The AA-ISP Executive Retreat Practicum (1.5 Credits)

  9. Hiring Strategies for Inside Sales ( 1 Credit)

  10. Inside Sales Competition Plan Design ( 1 Credit

  11. Designing & Implementing a New Inside Sales Team ( 1 Credit)

  12. Inside Sales Rewards & Recognition Programs ( 1 Credits)

  13. AISM Capstone Project ( 2 Credits - Required for Accreditation)