Agile Coach Professional Certificate (ACPC) Details

Certification Industry: Agile

Certificate Name: Agile Coach Professional Certificate (ACPC)

Certificate Issuing Authority: CertiProf®

Certification Price: $250

Certificate Validity:

The Agile Coach Professional Certificate (ACPC) is designed for individuals willing to gather sufficient coaching knowledge in order to meet the needs and fulfill career goals. This certification is agile-oriented which aims at helping organizations in attaining sustainable results in the most optimum way possible. This certification can be earned by anyone fascinated with the idea of an Agile Coach which ultimately shapes an organization using Agile methodologies.

Learning Objectives:

1. Overview of Agility

2. Agile Frameworks and Lean Principles

3. Development of Teaching Capacity

4. Internationally Certified Agile Coach

Agile Coach Professional Certificate (ACPC) Exam Details:

Format: Multiple choice

Questions: 40 

Language: English / Spanish / Portuguese

Pass Score: 24/40 or 60%

Duration: 60 minutes

Open Book: No

Delivery: This examination is available online.

Supervised: It will be at the Partner's discretion.

Prerequisite: Scrum Master Professional Certificate or equivalent

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