Associate in General Insurance Details

Certification Industry: Insurance

Certificate Name: Associate in General Insurance

Certificate Issuing Authority: TheInstitutes.org

Certification Price:

Certificate Validity:

In order to accelerate one’s career in general insurance principles, the Associate in General Insurance (AINS) credential is apt.

It provides a comprehensive knowledge of insurance principles and coverages.

Apart from this, an individual can aim at certain elective courses to suit its professional goals and specialize in its area of interest.

Average Salary Range

USA: $62,000

(Source: https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Certification=Associate_in_General_Insurance_(AINS)_Certification/Salary)

India : 7,66,000 INR

(Source: https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Certification=Associate_in_General_Insurance_(AINS)_Certification/Salary)

Who Should Apply for Associate in General Insurance?

The Associate in General Insurance (AINS) credential is designed for functional areas of Property-Casualty Insurance, Managers or Supervisors, Call Center Staff, Customer Service Representatives, Administrative and Support Staff.


  1. Competitive Edge -

Taking the AINS works wonders for an employee willing to retain their position as well as upgrading their skills for higher positions as it is greatly recognized by employees to apply as a filter for hiring employees.

  1. Management Recognition -

The AINS credential boosts the career of an employee to greater extents and hence, having his certification helps in recognition.

Recommended Courses:

Designation Requirements

Step I. CORE

Building a solid knowledge base.

  1. AINS 21: Property and Liability Insurance Principles


Selecting an area of speciality.

  1. General

  1. AINS 22: Personal Insurance

  2. AINS 23: Commercial Insurance 

  1. Commercial Lines

  1. AINS 23: Commercial Insurance

  1. Personal Lines

  1. AINS 22: Personal Insurance


Focus based on your career.

*If earning AINS with a commercial or personal lines concentration, a candidate must complete one elective course.

  1. AAI 82: Multiple-Lines Insurance Production

  2. AAI 83: Agency Operations and Sales Management

  3. AFSB 151: Principles of Suretyship

  4. AFSB 152: Contract Surety

  5. AFSB 153: Commercial Surety, Crime Insurance, and Financial Institution Bonds

  6. AIAF 114: Insurer Accounting Management

  7. AIAF 115: Insurer Risk and Capital Management

  8. AIC 30: Claim Handling Principles and Practices

  9. AIC 31: Property Claims Practices

  10. AIC 32: Liability Claim Practices

  11. AIC 39: Auto Claim Practices

  12. AIM 40: Management

  13. AIM 44: Human Resource Management

  14. AIT 134: The Strategic Management of Information

  15. AMIM 121: Ocean Marine Insurance

  16. AMIM 122: Inland Marine Insurance

  17. ANFI 205: National Flood Insurance: Fundamentals

  18. ANFI 206: National Flood Insurance: Advanced Studies

  19. APA 91: Principles of Premium Auditing

  20. APA 92: Premium Auditing Applications

  21. API 28: Personal Insurance: Underwriting and Marketing Practices

  22. API 29: Personal Insurance: Portfolio Management

  23. ARM 400: Risk in an Evolving World

  24. ARM 401: Holistically Assessing Risk

  25. ARM 402: Successfully Treating Risk

  26. ARe 144: Reinsurance Principles and Practices

  27. ASLI 163: Surplus Lines Insurance Operations

  28. ASLI 164: Surplus Lines Insurance Products

  29. AU 60: Commercial Underwriting Principles

  30. AU 61: Underwriting Commercial Property

  31. AU 62: Underwriting Commercial Liability

  32. CPCU 500: Managing Evolving Risks

  33. CPCU 520: Connecting the Business of Insurance Operations

  34. CPCU 530: Navigating the Legal Landscape of Insurance

  35. CPCU 540: Impacting the Bottom Line of Insurance Financials

  36. CPCU 551: Commercial Property Risk Management and Insurance

  37. CPCU 552: Commercial Liability Risk Management and Insurance

  38. CPCU 555: Personal Risk Management and Property-Casualty Insurance

  39. CPCU 556: Personal Financial Planning

  40. Cyber 301: Managing Cyber Risk

  41. IR 201: Insurance Regulation

  42. SPPA 30: Claim Principles and Practices for Public Adjusters


Understanding ethical decision making.

  1. Ethical Decision Making in Risk and Insurance

  2. Ethical Guidelines for CPCUs

Associate in General Insurance Exam Details:

The average completion time for Associate in General Insurance (AINS) credential is 9-15 months.

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