Associate in Project Management (APM) Details

Certification Industry: Project Management

Certificate Name: Associate in Project Management (APM)

Certificate Issuing Authority: Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM)

Certification Price:

Certificate Validity: No Expiration Date

The Associate in Project Management (APM) certification is an entry-level certification in the field of Project Management Framework. The individuals having no or little knowledge of the project management domain can apply for this certification. This credential emphasizes the importance of excelling in project management. 

Average Salary Range

USA: $59,840 (Source)

India: 12,42,640 INR (Source)

What are the Benefits of Associate in Project Management (APM) certification?

1. Global Recognition: GAQM offers Associate in Project Management (APM) certification which is an internationally recognized project management qualification open for anyone willing to improve effectiveness in a project management environment.

2. Expanding Skillset: Project Management isn't meant for construction engineers or military logistics anymore. It is rather a significant career-shaping skill needed by all professionals. The APM certification demonstrates effective project management skills needed at the professional front.

Associate in Project Management (APM) Course Outline

Module 1: Project Management Fundamentals

Module 2: Project Management Training

Module 3: Intermediate Project Management

Associate in Project Management (APM) Exam Details:

Exam Pattern: Multiple-Choice Questions

Number of Questions: 50

Passing Percentage: 70%

Mode of Exam: Online, Proctored-Based

Exam Time: 60 minutes

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