Certified Inside Sales Organization Details

Certification Industry: Sales

Certificate Name: Certified Inside Sales Organization

Certificate Issuing Authority: AA ISP

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Certificate Validity:

The Certified Inside Sales Organization (CISO) is an organizational certification designed to critically evaluate the organization internally as well as externally for achieving excellence. The AA-ISP has set high standards and earning this certification can determine the worth of an organization in terms of their inside sales operations applying for the same. 

Who Should Apply for Certified Inside Sales Organization?

The Certified Inside Sales Organization (CISO) certification is not restricted to the size of the organization. Any organization with as low as 5 members or as high as 5,000 members can apply for this certification.


  1. Accurate Assessment -

The CISO certification provides a clear picture as to the worth of the organization’s performance across 13 key areas imperative for an inside sales organization.

  1. Prestige and Power -

The recognition offered by the AA-ISP sets an organization apart when it comes to operational excellence. It makes the organization prestigious and popular among current and future employees.

Assessment Process

It has three levels. Companies can choose from one of three assessment packages based on the level of rigor, insight, and support they seek.

LEVEL 1: Self-reported assessment with follow-up discussions and validation (virtual). The organization receives a *CISO Level 1 Certification, individual line item ratings, and a written executive summary. (2-4 week timeframe)

LEVEL 2: Self-reported assessment and up to 8 hours of in-depth interviews and validation. The organization receives a *CISO Level 2 Certification, individual line item ratings, key areas for opportunity and growth, written executive summary, and executive overview to discuss findings (video conference). (4-6 week timeframe)

LEVEL 3: Self-reported assessment process plus up to 2 two days of in-person validation, in-depth interviews, and on-site observations. The organization receives *CISO Level 3 Certification, individual line item ratings, keys areas for improvement, prioritized ROI drivers, written executive summary, executive overview, and in-depth consultation on assessment scores, findings, and recommendations for areas of improvement. (5 to 6-week timeframe)

*Certification awarded upon the successful assessment and satisfactory aggregate score level.

Log on to Assessment Process for the CISO Assessment Process.

For more details, log on to AA-ISP CISO.

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