Certified SAFe® Release Train Engineer Details

Certification Industry: Agile

Certificate Name: Certified SAFe® Release Train Engineer

Certificate Issuing Authority: Scaled Agile, Inc.

Certification Price:

Certificate Validity:

The average annual income for a Release Train Engineer in the United States is $113,813 a year. Scaled Agile’s SAFe® 4 Release Train Engineer exam maintains quality standards ensuring that those who have got the certification are well prepared to effectively fulfill their role in a SAFe enterprise.

A Certified SAFe® 5 Release Train Engineer (RTE) is a Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) program servant leader and coaching professional responsible for driving end-to-end delivery of value in a single program or Value Stream in a Lean-Agile enterprise.

Attaining a SAFe® Release Train Engineer exam assesses your ability to:

• Facilitating program-level ceremonies
• Leading program execution
• Coaching Agile Release Trains (ARTs) and Agile Teams in the relentless improvement of value delivery
• Creating transparency using metrics to initiate and drive positive change
• Facilitating resolution of dependencies, impediments, and risks


These skills and knowledge are highly recommended to successfully pass the exam:

• Cross-team communication skills
• Full use of SAFe Principles in action
• Coach Agile and SAFe facilitation and lead by example
• Launch or participate in at least one ART and one Program Increment (PI)
• Working knowledge of team dynamics
• Ability to manage stakeholders
• Minimum 3 months of real-world, hands-on experience as an RTE

Certified SAFe® Release Train Engineer Exam Details:

The first step toward becoming a Certified SAFe Professional is to attend the SAFe® Release Train Engineer course. This is a requirement because attending the course provides access to all the study materials and the exam. Note that attending the course does not guarantee to pass the exam. A complete list of courses, including dates and locations, is on the Scaled Agile, Inc. website.

• Exam name: SAFe® 4 Release Train Engineer Exam
• Exam format: Multiple choice, multiple response
• Exam delivery: Web-based (single-browser), closed book, no outside assistance, timed
• Exam access: Candidates can access to the exam within the SAFe Community Platform upon completion of your SAFe® Release Train Engineer course.
• Exam duration: Once the exam begins, candidates have 120 minutes (2 hours) to complete the exam.
• Number of questions: 60
• Passing score – 44 out of 60 (73%) for RTE 4.6 exam
 Note: 40 out of 60 (67%) for RTE 4.5 exam
• Language – English

For more details refer to the link: https://www.scaledagile.com/certification-information-rte-4-0/

To schedule your exam refer to the link:https://www.scaledagile.com/certification-and-exam-information-rte/