Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) Details

Certification Industry: Agile

Certificate Name: Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)

Certificate Issuing Authority: Scrum Alliance

Certification Price: Included in the training

Certificate Validity: 2 years

Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) is the highest level of Agile certification ScrumAlliance has to offer for a developer role. Interestingly, there is foundational which is CSD and then there is this one - CSP®. The CSP® certification is unique to developers and distinct from a Certified Scrum Professional®-ScrumMaster (CSP®-SM) or Certified Scrum Professional®-Product Owner (CSP®-PO).

Certified Scrum Professionals challenge their teams to improve the way Scrum and Agile principles are applied. They have demonstrated experience, documented training, and proven knowledge in Scrum.

Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) Exam Details:

Below is some information from the official website on the certification: 

  1. Be a current holder of only an active CSD certification
  2. Have a minimum of 36 months of successful Agile/Scrum work experience gained within the past five years, implementing Scrum inside organizations as Development Team member, Product Owner, Scrum Master, or "Other
  3. Gather and submit 70 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) from the past three years. Note that SEUs earned from your CSD certification (up to 24 SEUs) put you well on your way. Your CSD training can be more than three years old, but your certification must be active.