Foundations of Purple Teaming Details

Certification Industry: Network and Security

Certificate Name: Foundations of Purple Teaming

Certificate Issuing Authority: AttackIQ

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As per the AttackIQ website, this training session introduces the state-of-the-art practice of purple teaming and its essential nature as the joint operation of red and blue teams.

Students will learn the core concepts, workflows, activities, and artifacts underpinning purple team methodology and will finish the class able both to explain how its programmatic implementation is essential to a threat-informed defense strategy and to plan a foundational purple-team exercise in their own environment.

Foundations of Purple Teaming Course Outline:

  1. Foundations of Purple Teaming
    • Introduction
    • Key Concepts
    • Start Purple Teaming
    • Wrap-Up & Assessment
  2. Taking Action With Purple Teaming
    • Purple Teaming Process
  3. Final Steps
    • Wrap Up & Assessment

Foundations of Purple Teaming Exam Details: