Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer Details

Certification Industry: Cloud

Certificate Name: Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer

Certificate Issuing Authority: Google

Certification Price: $200 USD

Certificate Validity: 2 Years

With Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer certification, the individual will have the experience in implementing VPCs, hybrid connectivity, network services, and security for established network architectures and the individual can ensure successful cloud implementations using the command line interface or the Google Cloud Platform Console.

The Average Salary of a Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer is $1,09,415 USD per annum including all the benefits.

An individual will have insight on how to configure access within a cloud solution environment, Configure network security, Ensure data protection, Manage operations and ensure compliance.

This exam objectively measures an individual's ability to demonstrate critical job skills for the role. To get this certification one must pass the Professional Cloud Security Engineer exam.

Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer Exam Details:

The format is multiple choice and multiple select.

The exam has no prerequisites.

Exam Time length: 2 hours.

Languages are available for exam appearance: English.