ITIL Intermediate Details

Certification Industry: Project Management

Certificate Name: ITIL Intermediate

Certificate Issuing Authority: Axelos

Certification Price: $400

Certificate Validity: The ITIL certification doesn’t have any end date however the set you got certified on may go out of


The ITIL intermediate certification is based on a modular structure. Each module provides a different focus on IT Service Management. Its content will benefit end learners who are progressing on their ITIL journey. Professionals with a solid ITIL v3 grounding who move onto ITIL 4 will be in a strong position to help their organization evolve their service management.

Salary of an ITIL Intermediate ranges between $54,500 to $ 118,000 with average salary $88,500.

ITIL Intermediate certifications are divided into two categories – Service Lifestyle and Service Capability The principles, processes, and activities covered within Service Lifestyle and Service Capability modules provide knowledge that helps to:-

  1. Integrate key concepts
  2. Understand how these modules interact with each other and what will be in core and what will evolve
  3. Support professionals against the challenges faced in their work environment

It depends on the learner to choose modules from both the Service Lifecycle and Service Capability streams to combine management and technical knowledge or he may wish to concentrate on one set of modules. The ITIL Intermediate certification process requires registering with a training partner and undergo a training process. 

ITIL Intermediate Exam Details:

  • A closed book session online Exam will be held which will include 40 Multiple choices and Scenario-based questions.
  • The minimum passing score for qualifying is 70%.
  • The Marking Scheme is as follows: 5 marks for a correct answer 3 for partially correct answer 1 for least correct answer 0 for the distractor