Microsoft Azure Architect Design (AZ-304) Details

Certification Industry: Cloud

Certificate Name: Microsoft Azure Architect Design (AZ-304)

Certificate Issuing Authority: Microsoft

Certification Price: 165 USD

Certificate Validity:

The Microsoft Azure Architect Design (AZ-301/AZ-304) credential helps in determining workload requirements and designing an infrastructure strategy. Architects who have a good experience in the field of networking, virtualization, disaster recovery, and have proficiency in Azure administration, Azure development, and DevOps should consider this credential.

Average Salary Range:

USA: $157,808 (Source)
India: 1,773,898 INR (Source)

Who Should Apply for the Microsoft Azure Architect Design (AZ-304) Exam?

One who can advise stakeholders and has advanced skills and knowledge in data management, business continuity, budgeting, and governance should give this exam. 


  1. Career OpportunitiesArchitects are those multi-talented engineers who can work in different domains in an organization. Hence, getting this certification improves the career opportunities of the professional.
  2. Monetary PerksAn Architect holding this certificate earns 28% higher than those without any certification. If a professional has a little less experience, then this certification will help them clear the interviews of their dream companies.

The candidate will be assessed based on the following skills: 

  1. Determine workload requirements (10-15%)
  2. Design for identity and security (20-25%)
  3. Design a data platform solution (15-20%)
  4. Design a business continuity strategy (15-20%)
  5. Design for deployment, migration, and integration (10-15%)
  6. Design an infrastructure strategy (15-20%)

Microsoft Azure Architect Design (AZ-304) Exam Details:

Number of questions: 40-60 Multiple-Choice Questions

Passing Score: 700

Exam Time: 150 minutes

Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

Exam Scheduling: Login to Microsoft Account

Time Taken To Prepare For The Exam: It takes about 2 months in all to prepare for Microsoft Azure Architect Design (AZ-301), with a significant experience of at least 2 years working as an architect in the IT sector.

For more details, log on to Exam AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design - Learn.