Microsoft Azure IoT Developer (AZ-220) Details

Certification Industry: Cloud

Certificate Name: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer (AZ-220)

Certificate Issuing Authority: Microsoft

Certification Price: 165 USD

Certificate Validity:

Apart from designing cloud solutions, if a person knows to set up the physical devices using the Azure IoT platform then this exam is for them. One has to work with data engineers, stakeholders, to configure device networking. This article will walk you through the details of the exam.

Average Salary Range of a certified Microsoft Azure IoT Developer (AZ-220)

USA: $95,000 - $130.000 (Source)
India: 6,00,000 INR (Source

Who Should Apply for Microsoft Azure IoT Developer (AZ-220)

Proficiency in IoT, C#, Node, C, Python along with Azure is required. Since one has to work with data engineers, knowledge of data science and machine learning is required but at a basic level. 


  1. Skill EnhancementDesigning an Azure IoT Developer (AZ-220) exam ensures that the test-taker is highly equipped with the data engineering skills on the Azure platform. The preparation for this certification ensures an enhancement of knowledge.
  2. Career Opportunities Since this exam tests practical knowledge especially IN the field of electronics and coding combined. Hence, getting this certification improves the career opportunities of the professional.

Microsoft Azure IoT Developer (AZ-220) Examination Topics:

  1. Implement the IoT solution infrastructure (15-20%)
  2. Provision and manage devices (20-25%)
  3. Implement Edge (15-20%)
  4. Process and manage data (15-20%)
  5. Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize IoT solutions (15-20%)
  6. Implement security (15-20%)

Microsoft Azure IoT Developer (AZ-220) Exam Details:

Number of questions: 40-60 Multiple-Choice Questions

Passing Score: 700

Exam Time: 150 minutes

Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

Exam SchedulingLogin to Microsoft Account

Time Taken To Prepare For The Exam: It takes about 3 months in all to prepare for Microsoft Azure IoT Developer (AZ-220), with a significant experience of at least 2-3 years working as an IoT Developer