PCEP- Certified Entry Level Python Programmer Certification Details

Certification Industry: IT (Developer, Data, Architect)

Certificate Name: PCEP- Certified Entry Level Python Programmer Certification

Certificate Issuing Authority: Python Institute

Certification Price: $59

Certificate Validity:

The PCEP-30-xx is an entry-level programming certification offered by the Python Institute, that validates an IT professional's coding skills in the Python language. This credential verifies a candidate's potential in terms of universal computer programming concepts, such as Python programming language syntax, semantics, and the run time environment. It is essential to get PCEP certified in order to attain the next certification, i.e. PCAP- Certified Associate Level Python Programmer.

Average Salary Range

USA: $87,487 (Source)

India: 5,60,939 INR (Source)


1. Gain Recognition: The Python Institute managed the growth of a global standard in Python programming certification, which assisted the professionals in proving their programming expertise worldwide.

2. Interim Step: The PCEP certification is an entry-level Python certification that helps in laying the base for attaining the associate-level Python certification, and ultimately, the professional-level Python certifications.

Examination Topics

1. Basic Concepts (17%)

2. Data Types, Evaluations, and Basic I/O Operations (20%)

3. Flow Control- loops and conditional blocks (20%)

4. Data Collections- Lists, Tuples, and Dictionaries (23%)

5. Functions (20%)

PCEP- Certified Entry Level Python Programmer Certification Exam Details:

Number of Questions: 30

Exam Format: Single-choice and multiple-choice questions, drag and drop, gap fill

Exam Time: 45 minutes

Passing Score: 70%

Exam Language: English

Exam Delivery: OpenEDG Testing Service

Time Taken to Prepare for the Exam: It takes around 8 weeks to study for the PCEP- Certified Entry-level Python Programmer Certification.

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