Scrum Developer Professional Certificate (SDPC) Details

Certification Industry: Agile

Certificate Name: Scrum Developer Professional Certificate (SDPC)

Certificate Issuing Authority: CertiProf®

Certification Price: $150

Certificate Validity:

The Scrum Developer Professional Certificate (SDPC) is designed for professionals to gain a general overview of the Scrum framework, key definitions, and roles. It is recommended to undertake SPOPC and SMPC courses in order to continue with the Scrum professional education right after SDPC. The certification is meant for anyone interested in becoming a Scrum developer.

Learning Objectives:

1. Introduction to Agile principles and concepts

2. Agile PM

3. Traditional PM Project

4. Management approaches

5. Kanban

6. Manifesto

7. Scrum Roles

8. Scrum Artifacts

9. Sprint Planning

10. Release Planning

11. Managing Large or Distributed

12. Scrum Teams

13. Release Planning

14. Hybrid Projects- Bimodal IT

15. Requirements management

16. Product Vision

17. Decomposition of Epic

18. Introduction to User Stories

19. Defining Done

20. Acceptance Criteria

21. Managing the Product Backlog

22. Prioritization and Techniques

23. Advanced Planning and Metrics

24. Velocity

Scrum Developer Professional Certificate (SDPC) Exam Details:

Format: Multiple choice

Questions: 40 

Language: English / Spanish / Portuguese

Pass Score: 24/40 or 60%

Duration: 60 minutes

Open Book: No

Delivery: This examination is available online.

Supervised: It will be at the Partner's discretion.

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