VMware Certified Advanced Professional - Network Virtualisation Deploy (VCAP-NV)

Certification Industry: IT Infrastructure

Certificate Name: VMware Certified Advanced Professional - Network Virtualisation Deploy (VCAP-NV)

Certificate Issuing Authority: VMware

Certification Price: $450 USD

Certificate Validity:

Certification Details:

The VCAP-NV Deploy certification is designed for professionals to gain the adequate skills required for optimising VMware NSX environments. The candidates attain knowledge to implement best practices in an organization.

Who Should Apply?

The VCAP-NV Deploy certification is curated for IT professionals who deploy and optimise VMware NSX environments. VMware recommends that a candidate has sufficient knowledge of troubleshooting a VMware NSX 6.x solution running on vSphere 6.x architecture before applying for this certification.

Exam Outline

Section 1. Prepare VMware NSX Infrastructure

Section 2. Create and Manage VMware NSX Virtual Networks

Section 3. Deploy and Manage VMware NSX Network Services

Section 4. Secure a vSphere Data Center with VMware NSX

Section 5. Perform Operational Management of a VMware NSX Implementation

Section 6. Configure Cross vCenter Networking and Security

Section 7. Perform Advanced VMware NSX Troubleshooting

Section 8. Utilize API Commands to Manage a VMware NSX Deployment

Exam Details:

Exam Name: 3V0-643

Prerequisite: VCP-NV certification

Number of Questions: 23

Duration: 205 minutes

Passing Score: 300

Exam Language: English 

Exam Format: Lab-based

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VMware enlists certain training courses in order to prepare a candidate for the VCAP-NV Deploy certification.

VMware NSX: Troubleshooting and Operations [V6.4]

Time Taken To Prepare For The Exam

It takes about four months for a candidate to prepare for the VCAP-NV Deploy Exam.

For more details, log on to VMware Certified Advanced Professional — Network Virtualization Deployment 2020 | IN.