VMware Certified Design Expert - Network Virtualisation (VCDX-NV)

Certification Industry: IT Infrastructure

Certificate Name: VMware Certified Design Expert - Network Virtualisation (VCDX-NV)

Certificate Issuing Authority: VMware

Certification Price:

Certificate Validity: No Expiration Date

Certification Details:

The VCDX-NV certification demonstrates the highest level of skills possessed by professionals in VMware enterprise deployments. It helps the professionals in validating their expertise in vSphere and NSX 6.x along with adding true value to business operations by designing a VMware NSX platform-based data center networking infrastructure.

Who Should Apply?

This certification is designed for IT professionals who can meet customer objectives and constraints. The VCDX professionals majorly comprise of highly skilled design architects.

Certification Track

  1. Earn VCP-NV.

  2. Earn VCIX-NV Badge. (VMware Certified Implementation Expert - Network Virtualization 2020)


  4. Select and build a design based on the blueprint.

  5. Submit the design application and code of conduct through the application form.

  1. Design Application

  2. Code of Conduct

  3. Application Form

  1. Pass the application and design review

  2. Successfully defend the design against three panelists.

Exam Details:

VCDX Program Fee*

Application Fee: $995 USD

*If the application is selected for defense, before the VCDX Panel, a Defense Fee of $3,000 will be due.

Time Taken To Earn The Certification

It takes about twenty-four months for a candidate to earn the highest level of VMware certification i.e. VCDX-NV following the certification path.

For more details, log on to VMware Certified Design Expert - Network Virtualization 2020 | IN.