Review By: Leela Katta



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Time taken to Prepare

3 months Days

Resources Used


Detailed Review Of Preparation

I started my preparation of AWS with reading the official guide from oreilly:   

I did underestimated the exam . I thought my extensive knowledge of various applications and working experience i had with AWS is sufficient in completing the AWS exam. I took a practise test after reading the book through couple of times and to my surprise i failed miserably. I realized its not an easy exam. I had to start working on the preperation and lookout for material.

I did purchase Udmey course of Ryan earlier . I did went through the course now once.

At the end of the course i did give practise exam and i failed again. Did realize that the practise exam was far more touch than actaul exam. Realized needs more understanding of the topics . 

Went through the aws faqs and whitepapers and prepared notes for the same:   

These gave me immense understanding of the topics and starting taking mock tests from Udemy and whiz labs   

The mock tests gave me 60 percent marks in the first go. After preparing little more , i started getting 72-75 percent in mocktests. 

I guessed iam ready for exam. Went and gave exam and passed .

Exam majorily focusses on the understadning of various AWS technologies and application of the same at specific scenarios. The questions look easy but should be very careful in choosing answers. 

The mocktests are very critical and is a must i feel ...All the best for your prepartion and reach me out in case of any questions and i would be able to help you





Benefits From Certification

  • My Job Needed It
  • Knowledge is Power