Give 42 days and become AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate

Review By: Manish Aggarwal



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Time taken to Prepare

42 Days

Resources Used

  • Udemy, TutorialsDoJo, AWS documentation

Detailed Review Of Preparation

I wrote my AWS SAA-C01 exam on 16th March 2020. Before sharing my experience, I would like to say that believe in yourself. 'You can do it.'

The challenges which I faced when I started preparing for the exam were from where to study and how much to study. The answer to the first thing is the AWS documentation, A Cloud Guru Course at Udemy, Tutorials Dojo (links are given below) and the answer to the second thing is the practice tests by Jon Bonso.

I'd like to share how I used the above resources to prepare for the AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate exam. I started with A Cloud Guru Course. I got an overview and introduction about Cloud Computing as wells as AWS Cloud services. For reading and getting detailed knowledge, I referred to AWS documentation. I spent approx 4 hrs a day and completed the course in 15 days.

Post that I studied AWS FAQs. Believe me, they are really helpful and will make lot of sense after the course. You will start relating things and memorizing the services and concepts. I made notes alongside watching videos and reading as initially, it was very hard to remember things. It took me another 10 days.

Then I started giving practice tests framed by Jon Bonso on Udemy. They are really good and of immense help. They cover each and every aspect of the possible questions in the exam. The best part is there is an explanation for all options given in the answer to the questions. Do not miss the explanations as they will be an answer to another question. Additionally, there are reference links and cheatsheet links.

Please bear in mind that there are ONLY a few questions with direct and straightforward answers, most of them are scenario-based so make sure you read each and every word before answering and select the best one.

I must say, those were immensely helpful and I can assure that it was one of the main reasons for me to pass the exam. The practice tests by Jon Bonso are worth a lot since it will provide you with definitions as to why a certain answer is correct and why the rest are incorrect. Make sure you read all the explanations as they will be an answer to another question. The Cheatsheet by TutorialsDojo is also a must as you will definitely come across a certain important point that you would have missed.

I hope it helps.

Refer to the below links for the resources that helped me to pass the exam.

Benefits From Certification

  • Knowledge is Power