PSM-I. Passed with 97% in first try

Review By: Haman Sharma



Time taken to Prepare

7 Days

Resources Used

  • Training by Trainer Jeff Bubolz
  • Mock Certification Exam on

Detailed Review Of Preparation

People generally say that is tougher than Scrum Alliance. So, I wanted to check what the fuss is all about. I have been practicing Scrum for over 5 years now. Not that I've memorized the scrum guide but have a good handle on how to tackle the various scenarios thrown at you in the exam. If you have worked in an Agile environment, the certification should be fairly simple for you. The trainer Jeff Bubolz and his compadre Jeff (yes two Jeff's), were very engaging and fun. The training was more practical and scenario based. It was not strictly by the book and slides kind of a deal. Through the practical games and scenarios, the concepts made more sense. It is MUST to take the mock certification exam on The questions are modeled after those. So, take those exams till you score 100% at least twice. The exam is an hour long, but if you have worked in Scrum before, it shouldn't be too difficult for you. Make sure you read through the scrum guide at least once. You might see some questions from there. Coming back to my original point - PSM-I being tougher than CSM. I couldn't really tell the difference. But it is nice to have both CSM and PSM-I

Benefits From Certification

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