My AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Journey

Review By: Fatine



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Time taken to Prepare

7 Days

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  • Udemy

Detailed Review Of Preparation


I just wanted to share my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner journey in case it can help someone. 
So I cleared the exam with a score of 895/1000 a few days ago while practicing only for one week. I had no AWS prior experience (I've created my account during the course I've followed). Here is how I proceeded: 

1. I took Neal's preparation course on Udemy:
It took me a whole week-end to understand and assimilate the different notions. 

2. From Monday to Friday, I practiced and practiced again. I would say ~2 hours per day.
The previous course is composed of 6-12 questions at the end of each section and it also includes 2 fully length practice tests. I would say that if you score >~85%, you're ready for the exam. If you get a lower score, I would recommend that you review the concepts you are not comfortable with (this is what I did). Also, the teacher has another Udemy course with 500 questions in case you want to practice more: If you pay for one course, you should have a promotion code for the other. But I'm sure that there are also some other interesting courses on Udemy/the internet, so you should take your time to choose and pay for the one that is most useful to you.

3. The day of the exam, I watched some videos again that I thought were important, especially on the billing part. What I liked about the course I took is that Neal provides something he calls "ExamCram" which is actually a summary of what we need to keep in mind for the exam. It helps to save a lot of time.

Overall, I think it's really important to be well prepared, but also to rest before the exam. In my case, I stopped practicing about 4 hours before the exam. Also, if you prepare well, everything should go well. I was able to do it without any previous AWS experience, so I'm sure you can too!

Benefits From Certification

  • Knowledge is Power