AWS Certified Solutions Architect Game

Review By: jlavizzo



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Time taken to Prepare

31 Days

Resources Used

  • Linux Academy

Detailed Review Of Preparation

Learning the material:

I used Linux Academy SAA course. It was definitely a big help. I took notes on every module in the course, took the quizzes and even did all the labs. Do the quizzes until you get a 100% on all of them. Do all the labs at least twice - one phase as a follow along with the video and another phase on your own just reading the instructions.

After I completed the course, I skim watched a Youtube video by Exampro...I watched all the "cheatsheets" in the video (look in the video description or comments for video timestamps) and that helped because it was a good way to hear the material from a different perspective/trainer. I didn’t take notes here unless I absolutely needed. I just listened to make sure I actually knew the material from Linux Academy.


Leading up to the exam, I re-took all the quizzes & labs on LinuxAcademy and reviewed my notes. Then I watched the Youtube video, but only the topics that I was uncomfortable with. Then, a couple days later took the exam. Hope this helps!


YT video: Exampro Solutions Architect Associate

Linux Academy: Linux Academy Site

Post Exam Thoughts

  • The exam really tries to get you to problem solve and be analytical 
  • In the majority of the questions, there are a couple of answer choices that could be the answer but read carefully because there may be 1 or two words that give you direction on the “best” answer.
  • The exam is NOT all about knowing the definition of an AWS service, but knowing the ins and outs of the service sometimes can help with what's "not" the answer.

Benefits From Certification

  • Knowledge is Power