Review By: Piyush Chavda



Expiry Month


Expiry Year


Time taken to Prepare

90 Days

Resources Used

  • 1) AWS CSAA Official Study Guide ver. 1 and ver. 2. 2) Udemy Courses by Stephane Maarek, Neal Davis and Ryan Kroonenburg. 3) Udemy Practice Exam by Jon Bonso and Neal Davis.

Detailed Review Of Preparation

Hello there, I am so very happy to share that I PASSED the AWS SAA-C01 exam.                  

And now that I have passed my exam, I share my exam preparation study plan and study tips for the benefit of all.

KINDLY TAKE NOTE: This is my personal self-study preference plan for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification (SAA0-C01) Exam, recently passed in March 2020.

1. The study plan was spread over 3 months from mid of December 2019 till the date of my exam on 20-March-2020. This was a bit relaxed study plan period. You can get ready early or late subject to the study time available with a job.

2. Read the AWS CSAA Official Study Guide ver. 2 and also ver. 1. The ver. 1 reading is much recommended by me and also preferable, to get an elaborate understanding across all the domains and clarity of the foundational concepts.

3. Below are the Udemy Course links to purchase (currently available +/- Rs. 500/-) and study online at your own time

A. Updated in March 2020 for AWS SAA-C02 and this is my personal MOST preferred CBT

                Stephane Maarek - Udemy CBT for AWS Solutions Architect Associate

B. Updated in March 2020 for AWS SAA-C02 and this also is my personal EQUALLY preferred CBT

                Neal Davis - Udemy CBT for AWS Solutions Architect Associate

C. Not yet updated for AWS SAA-C02 but this is the next good option CBT by Ryan Kroonenburg

Ryan Kroonenburg - Udemy CBT for AWS Solutions Architect Associate

Below are the Udemy Practice Exams updated test sets links to purchase (currently available +/- INR Rs. 500/-) and have a hands-on exam stimulation to gain the confidence of near to real exam experience.

Neal Davis - Covers AWS SAA C01 & C02 – 5 Sets of 65 Qs each, 1 set of 250 Qs

Jon Bonso - Covers AWS SAA C01 & C02 - 6 Sets of 65 Qs each  

4. AWS Free Tier Labs, Whitepapers, FAQ's – For Hands-on labs practice and read for appropriate clarity. You may find them useful if you get stuck up for functional aspects of any domain, or seem weak and for conceptual clarity.

5. Now the most important part :). Questions, which I got for my individual-specific exam. Actually I would say in general, I got questions on most of the aspects across the 5 Domains and nothing seems to have been missed out.  

6. VERY IMPORTANT Lookout for simple and very clearly highlighted Key Words in the last line of the Exam Qs itself.

MOST Preferred, LEAST or MOST Expensive, COST Effective, SUGGESTED Solution, BEST Storage, CUSTOM Metric, etc.

That is all to share in a summary and WISH YOU ALL THE BEST to clear your exams with success. 

Benefits From Certification

  • Knowledge is Power