Journey Towards HCIE

Review By: Imran Israr



Expiry Month


Expiry Year


Time taken to Prepare

300 Days

Resources Used

  • Books, Articles, Youtube Videos and networking documents

Detailed Review Of Preparation

SO this journey of mine completing HCIE Certification started in July 2019. 

Started my preparation from HCIE official book containing about 1400 pages and nearly each and every technology was there which is included in HCIE material. Books is very well written, with complete configuration guide and configuration examples, so started preparing form book, i used to read one chapter/technology and then implement it using ENSP, ENSP is free software containing huawei devices, you can practice on it, perfect for HCIE preparation, 

Meanwhile i was preparing from book it took me nearly about 3 months to go through ISIS, OSPF BGP and MPLS, It is very extensive written book. Let me tell that i was doing job as well so had little time to study i used to study at night after office timing or mainly on weekends, with time to family also. with reading of book i used to discuss network technologies with my colleagues as well and we used to discuss different scenarios, 

in November 2019 i bought HCIE Written Voucher and gave my first Written exam, i was not able to clear it, but after attempting written exam it gave me good idea what things i am lacking and how should i study, so i study hard again using different articles available on internet, huawei websites, and read book, 

in December 2019 my company gave me HCIE voucher so i again prepared for written exam and this time i cleared it with flying colors, i was very happy to know that my hard work is paying off. Then it was lab attempt as i was already working in company having Huawei devices and equipment so lab attempt was not that difficult because was already doing configurations and projects having huawei devices so i registered my lab in January 2020, 

Lab exam was very very extensive it is long exam of 8 hours and you donot have time to even have food,  It is indeed true test of your troubleshooting and configuration power, Believe me it is long exam if your lazy or donot attempt it correct way you are not able to clear it. I had to configure and test for continuous 8 hours without taking break and i was able to complete it just in time.

After lab exam Huawei HQ team takes about 4 days to review your Lab performance and dispatch result through email. so it was same my result was provided 4th day and i was jubilant to see that i cleared my lab in first attempt.

Then it came the most difficult part, initially after clearing my lab i thought that interview will be piece of cake and i can clear it without study anything with my own previous knowledge. I registered my Interview exam in February right after 15 days of clearing my lab and as i finished interview exam i came to know that it is the most hard and difficult part of HCIE certification. Interview is hard and tough, You are tested with the depth of your knowledge, in every way they test you,  Following skills are tested from top to bottom in depth

1. Configuration 2. Design 3. Troubleshooting 4. Theoretical Knowledge. 

Believe me Interview is the hardest phase of HCIE Certification. 

i opened book again and study each and single word of it. i refer to documents on huawei website read many case studies, and registered my second interview after one month

My 2nd Interview exam was better than first one which i failed, but 2nd interview was not up to mark i was given remarks by the Interviewer that study in depth you have knowledge of technologies but study in depth so i was failed 2nd time also. Now i had one chance to clear my interview and if i failed 3rd time i had to repeat my lab exam also.

i didnot loose hop as there was only one way forward and that was "TO STUDY HARD HARD AND MORE HARD" this time i took about 2 months i bought one Register, and started making notes of each technology. I made one list of technologies that were mentioned on HCIE Certification Website, 

i used to mark one technology and used to study it from different sources, HCIE Official Book, Youtube Videos, Articles on internet, and used to make notes of that technology, like this i spend about 2 months i making my own notes of each technology, i had studied them in depth with knowledge of how they work what is concept of each thing. Let me give example. 

like i studied OSPF Virtual Link so studied and make notes of following things using HCIE Book Youtube Internet articles

1. Why Virtual Link is used

2,. advantages/Disadvantages of Virtual Link

3. Any other technology that can be used in place of VL

4. Comparison of that technology with VL

so i studied each and everything like VL and make notes with proper topology diagram. 

after preparing everything i registered my final attempt and this time i was cleared, and i had my HCIE Certification. i was very very happy and proud of my self that i have done it. Hard work of more than 300 days have paid off finally. 

Benefits From Certification

  • Pay Hike
  • Promotion
  • My Job Needed It
  • Knowledge is Power
  • I just did it for the giggles