Expiry Month


Expiry Year


Time taken to Prepare

45 Days

Resources Used

  • Laptop

Detailed Review Of Preparation

Firstly i will make a time table and next i will take the notes of each and every point as taking notes would help me in revising the topics and the keen observation will be paid by me in getting knowledge and the topics are thoroughly revised one by one in order to get a good percentage in the quiz or assignments which you have given and i will follow along with my time table as time table plays a vital role in devoting diciplene and dedication in getting and attaining knowledge and i will thoroughly go through the topics before the test which is taken by me at the time of completion before taking the  certification exam and i am sure that i will attain a good mark in qualifying the certification test and this timetable and the thoroughness towards the course and these aspects could help me in gaining a certification with ease and the knowledge that i have gained will help me in clearing the qualification test in a easy manner and this could help me in gaining the knowledge and the qualification could prove me that i have did my best in attaining the certification and this proper plan helps me in getting  the knowledge and this knowledge helps me in gaining the certification in a better way and the perfect planing and procedure of following timetable and thoroughness with the notes and dedication and devotion towards notes and these aspects will help me in qualifying the test and the qualification of test leads me to the certification

Benefits From Certification

  • Pay Hike
  • Promotion
  • My Job Needed It
  • Knowledge is Power
  • I just did it for the giggles