A full-time developer software engineer guide to pass AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam

Review By: Yasien Dwieb



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Time taken to Prepare

90 Days

Resources Used

  • Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate by Stephane Maarek

Detailed Review Of Preparation

At the mid of 2019, I was just a user of AWS services without any deep knowledge of how things should be correctly configured. The company that I work for had some web solutions hosted on EC2 instances, but as you may know cost handling at AWS even for a newbie is a true myth so you can't miss with it incautiously as it would cost you too much that you may not afford to pay.

I determined that I need to learn how it should be done. So I looked at the various tracks and certification paths and found that the most suitable one according to my current career is the Developer track specially as I am really interested about Devops.

Actually it took me about 3 months from starting the preparation course till taking my exam. I think it's a bit too much but it was due to my full-time job timeline limitations.

Getting to the preparation strategy I followed: 

  • I got the foundational information about AWS services, use cases and hands on from Stephane Maarek course AWS Certified Developer Associate at Udemy, it's really great and concise course with many hands-on and hints about critical tricks and also very useful tips. The one cons about the course is that, It was a bit outdated compared to the exam content. But the good news is that, recently this month, Stephane has published a massive content update that covers most of the new exam contents.
  • Neal Davis site DigitalCloud.training cheat sheets were very useful to summerize and review after finishing the course.
  • TutorialsDojo practice exam and flash card had a maximum advantage at the last day and even the last minutes.

Practice this the key for passing and getting the most out of this exam, so keep it in mind, passing the exam and being certified is important but being qualified is far much important, AWS is useful so make use of it. 

Benefits From Certification

  • Pay Hike
  • Promotion
  • My Job Needed It
  • Knowledge is Power
  • I just did it for the giggles