CKA tips for preparation

Review By: Pragati Bhalla



Expiry Month


Expiry Year


Time taken to Prepare

25 days Days

Resources Used

  • Udemy course of Mumshad Mannambeth

Detailed Review Of Preparation

For preparation you need to know about docker and fundamentals of containerization. If you don't know much don't worry you can go through Mumshad Mannambeth's absolute beginers course for kubernetes get comfortable with it and then start with CKA udemy course.

For exam you need to keep in mind following: 

  • You need to get handy with imperative commands so that you don't have to write yaml files every now and then 
  • You need to practice how to read through the document, yes in this exam you have access to this website but you need to know how to search faster.
  • Speed is the key, you need to mark all the questions which you find indulging for the end.
  • Exam is currently taken on v1.18.
  • There will be a live protractor monitoring you and if you get some doubt you can ask him/her. (Not the exam question, general doubts).
  • Lastly, don't panic at all. Just learn to manage your time.

Benefits From Certification

  • Pay Hike
  • Promotion
  • My Job Needed It
  • Knowledge is Power
  • I just did it for the giggles