My Prep for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Review By: Boopalan Venugopal



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Time taken to Prepare

3 Weeks Days

Resources Used

  • Acloudguru Course | Andrew Brown Ad Free Youtube Video | Udemy Practise Test | Random Q & A Videos in Youtube

Detailed Review Of Preparation

I have taken almost 3 weeks to prepare for my first AWS Cloud Practitioner exam.

Sources :

First started with acloudguru cloud practitioner course and as the exam date gets closer, I have used Andrew Brown's Ad Free youtube video which helped me to get clarity on differences & use case between similar services, for eg., Cloudtrial vs CloudWatch, Inspector vs Trusted Advisor and etc). Followed by 6 practise test in Udemy and note, you may feel the practise tests are so difficult but actually not compared to actual AWS exam, if you score around 80% consistently in practise tests. I would say anyone is good to take the exam.

Personal Experience :

I actually started taking acloudguru course during Feb 2020 end and I dropped after few sessions. I have always been a person who needs something to make things serious, So one fine day in May, I said myself, its not working out, So I decided to schedule my exam first and then prepare seriously for it. It hardly took me 1 Week, scheduled exam for May 30th and started learning during memorial weekend Saturday May 23rd.

Currently preparing for AWS Solution Architect and in fact, have scheduled my exam :)

Wish you all good luck. Please get in touch ( if you need any assistance with preparation for cloud practitioner



Benefits From Certification

  • Knowledge is Power