Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

Review By: Nikhil Rakhade



Expiry Month


Expiry Year


Time taken to Prepare

60 Days

Resources Used

  • - (Platform App Builder trailmix), Sample questions and answers from Udemy

Detailed Review Of Preparation

Two resources which I user to start my Salesforce journey and get Platform App Builder Certified:

1) Salesforce trailhead for Platform App Builder.

2) Sample questions and Answers by Mike Wheeler and Skillcertpro from Udemy.

Note: Free Salesforce developer org is more than enough for practice and hands on challenges. Few topics like sandbox, change sets, etc are not there on the free developer org but study material for such topics is available on google and youtube. Don't miss to watch videos on youtube channel 'salesforce hulk' by Shrey Sharma.

Benefits From Certification

  • Knowledge is Power
  • I just did it for the giggles