Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer - AD0-E103

Review By: raman aggarwal



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Time taken to Prepare

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Resources Used

  • Solution Partner Portal, Product Experience, Study Groups

Detailed Review Of Preparation

AEM(Day Communique) has gone through major upgrades and architectural changes since being acquired by Adobe and is most sought after CMS globally.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer Exam is to certify that you know how to develop AEM components containing business and presentation logic. Many companies look for developers who are Adobe certified and this is an entry level AEM certification for technical people. Its always a good idea to be certified as it gets you better chances of securing your next job.

Exam Details:

  • No of questions: 50(MCQ)
  • Time: 90 minutes
  • Passing: 68%
  • Delivery: Online proctored or test centered proctored.
  • Cost: USD180

This exam tests your skill and knowledge on following areas:

  • AEM installation & setup locally or on test/dev servers. Includes hotfix installation.
  • User, groups and permission management.
  • Template & Component development in AEM 6.3 or above using Touch UI & Editable templates. This also includes using Adobe provided core components via extend or overlay method.
  • Build custom OSGI services and components to execute business logic and JCR read/write operations. This will also include OSGI bundles lifecycle and dependency management including Felix console knowledge.
  • Sling & JCR APIs. What to use in which scenario and how to implement logic using the APIs.
  • Logging & Debugging.
  • Packaging of code using Maven and Filevault etc.

Preparation ways:

  • Use your product experience. Thats the best way to prepare
  • Go through on demand training available on solution partner portal. This is very time consuming as there is a lot of content available
  • Read through Adobe Docs. Very helpful. Read and then try it yourself on your local servers.
  • We created a study group in our organisation which was a moderated one. Everyone in the group was assigned some of the topics which they have to study well and then explain to everyone else in the group. This helped us reduce load on a single individual to read and learn every topic and also saved us a lot of time. If you cant do that in your organization then make a study group with your friends and try to divide and conquer. 

In the end its the product development experience which helps you the most because its not a simple thing which you can just read and understand. Hands on experience is required to understand AEM development principles. I wont suggest you to take this exam if you have less than 1 year of experience with the product unless your absolutely brilliant :)

Please reach out to me via mail for any further details or discussion.

Benefits From Certification

  • My Job Needed It
  • Knowledge is Power