Adobe Experience Manager Dev/Ops Engineer - ADO-E106

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Time taken to Prepare


Resources Used

  • Product Experience, Study Groups

Detailed Review Of Preparation

AEM devops engineer certification is intended for people who are mainly involved in AEM setup, installation, maintenance etc. Anyone who has been working as AEM developer, lead or architect can take this exam as most of the concepts are common across these 3 work streams of AEM.

Exam Details:

  • No of questions: 54(MCQ)
  • Time: 108 minutes
  • Passing score: 65%
  • Delivery: Online proctored or test center proctored
  • Cost: USD 180

Topics Covered:

  • Installation & Configuration of AEM. This includes setting up Author-Publish clusters with replication agents, using Segment or Document store for repository. Configuring FileDatastore for binaries etc.
  • User, groups & permission management. Providing and managing access to AEM instances to people across your organization and external users.
  • Troubleshooting & Debugging. How to find and fix errors in the application and tool itself. How to install hotfixes and plan upgrades.
  • Dispatcher setup, configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Packaging and deployment.
  • Maintenance. This is the most meaty part of this certification and covers up approximately 25-30% of questions. It covers things like backup & restore, uptime & performance monitoring, scaling up,out,in etc, setting up DR sites or creating clone environments, reporting etc.

Preparation ways:

  • Best way to prepare is to use product experience and try above mentioned things on your own.
  • Solution partner portal. You can watch on demand videos for the same but its time consuming.
  • Adobe Docs. Very helpful and descriptive. combine it with first step to achieve maximum results.
  • Study groups. Work in groups to distribute the topics and use peer learning the increase the pace of learning. 

Exam Guide: it also has a practice test which can be used to check your preparation levels.

Please reach out to me via mail for any further details or discussions.

Benefits From Certification

  • My Job Needed It
  • Knowledge is Power