Suggestions/tips before attempting OCI Operations Associate 1Z0-1067

Review By: Mohammed Hamdan



Expiry Month


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Time taken to Prepare

15+ Days

Resources Used

  • Oracle Free Training videos, Oracle Documentation

Detailed Review Of Preparation

I started off my Oracle Cloud Certification journey as Oracle was providing Free Training and Certifications for 5 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and 1 Oracle Autonomous DB Specialist exams.

As I had already cleared OCI Foundations, OCI Architect Associate and OCI Architect Professional exams, I had a good grasp of the basic and important concepts.

As a result, my foundation with respect to various topics in OCI Cloud Operations Associate exam was quite good. However, after going through the Oracle online videos (Free), I felt the exam would be a cake walk. However, I bumped into the below blog posted by Haman Sharma:

This left me quite stranded and gazing of how I would clear it. Also, solving the Practice questions was not that easy.

So, I did extended reading of various topics from the Documentation itself,  paying extra attention to various CLI commands in different modules, for ex: command for Object Storage cross-region copy. And yes, some topics I brushed through the OCI Developer Training videos as well (like Monitoring and Alarms), which provides a better explanation

Below are some of the links which I saved, although the list is not comprehensive.


It is always recommended to attempt this exam, after you clear Oracle Architect Associate and/or Oracle Architect Professional exams, as they cover majority of the core topics beforehand.

Benefits From Certification

  • Knowledge is Power
  • I just did it for the giggles