I got PgMP (PMI) exam cleared in under 3 months

Review By: Vikram Bir Singh



Expiry Month


Expiry Year


Time taken to Prepare

65 Days

Resources Used

  • SPM, ECO, AddonSkills material & question bank & my notes

Detailed Review Of Preparation

To keep it simple and short, below is what I did to clear my PgMP exam in under 3 months.

1. Pre-read SPM (Standard for Program Management, 4th edition). This will help you have a feel of subject and different domains to have initial understanding. Read this bible at least 30 mins a day to start with and slowly increased to 1-1.5 hrs. It is very imp to keep yourself focused each day else the journey will not be easy, I kept telling myself "Be STRONGER than your STRONGEST excuse". This kept me focused. I would hate myself if for any reason I missed reading completely or didnt read enough, but this happened very less and I could bring myself to track soon.

2. Enroll for a PgMP training - This is very imp. This will largely help you to be focused and makes things bit easy to understand from experts. A mentor can be quite instrumental and I recommend to go through a professional trainer. I went through AddonSkills and highly recommend Kailash's training. Other IMP aspect of going through professional trainer and course is that you will get extensive help on application writing. This is complex part and with a trainer's help and guidance it can be made much easier to clear the application review process.

A trainer exactly knows areas of importance and tips to make complex part understood in a much easier way, not to mention you can clear all your doubts. You will also get access to various custom videos and study materials to prep in a much better way.

3. Practice Tests/Mock Tests - This is another IMP aspect which you should have access to from your professional trainer or course. There are not many out there which are reliable and have a healthy set of questions. Attempting questions as you go through each domain will validate your knowledge and understanding and will further help you find gaps and prep better on these areas.

4. Your own notes + ECO (Exam Content Outline) + PMBOK - These are IMP too, make your own notes in your own sentences and keep revisiting them. Keep enhancing these, this will come quite handy when nearer to exam. Go through ECO, especially Closing phase steps and Stakeholder engagement steps, dont spend much time on ECO though. Refer to PMBOK for Risk (response strategy), Earned Value (formulas), Procurement (diff contract types), Communication (channel calc) related areas

Benefits From Certification

  • Knowledge is Power
  • I just did it for the giggles