Beginners Cloud Journey!!

Review By: Bhavesh Bhatnagar



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Time taken to Prepare

21 Days

Resources Used

  • Udemy - Stephane Maarick Course, Neal Davis Exam Questions

Detailed Review Of Preparation

One Old saying :  "You are never too old to learn and never too young to teach"

So, I started my Cloud journey after having around 10 years of IT experience, also which is in Quality Analyst profile. (Some believe they are non-technical people, but i doubt)

Its all started one Day, while watching movie on Amozon Prime, during the lockdown, it strike me, that why every business, jobs, markets are impacted by COVID-19 and not the online Movies sites like - Amazon Prime, Netflix. So this trigged the spark to study the cloud. I search and connected with people over the linkedin, read articles which people share and decide to give the exam. Even i booked the exam before buying any study material, or looking into the exam curriculum.

Started watching the Staphane Maarick course over Udemy, at first it doesn't makes sense, as everthing is new to me, but doing hands-on along with it gives me confidence and understanding. He mention to study the white papers, but when i started reading it, i slept, really yes :) .

So i planned to finish the 11 hour course in a 10 days, so that i can re-watch them to gain the confidence. For this i need to spend more time on study over the weekends, as sometimes doing some hands-on first time, takes time.

I completed my first round of course in 12 days, and then immediately started it again. And in the end of the course there is an exam paper, which i tried very first time, it gives me 58% with Fail writted in BOLD-RED. So i bought Neal Davis exams course, but i didn't completed the exams, i hardly completed 2 papers there. 

Before 4-5 days the exam date, i got distracted with my studies, and started watching the AWS re-Invent videos, started searching for AWS Architectet courses.  And yeah i didn't looked into white papers again :).

On night before the exam, i went though the stephane maarick course slides, and cleared the paper with 882 marks. Which i think, is not that bad, considering studying after a gap of 10 years.

So my expert comments now (since i passed the Exam :) )

1. Get some Udemy course

2. Try to go though the course first time fastly, as it will give you some basic ideas about the technology and tools.

3. Now watch it again, with all hands-on, if you missed above.

4.  Buy some exams over udemy or some where else, to validate your knowledge. (First time, you might got failed, but it will help you with the preparation)

5. Just before the exam, review the important slides, or notes which you might have written/

Hope it makes sense, and someone can benefited from my small journey.


Bhavesh Bhatnagar

Benefits From Certification

  • Knowledge is Power
  • I just did it for the giggles