Ultimate way to score high in AWS Certified Developer - Associate Exam

Review By: Satish Prasad



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Time taken to Prepare

60 Days

Resources Used

  • AWS Whitepapers, Stephane Maarek Course on Udemy & Jon Bonso Practice Test

Detailed Review Of Preparation


Before you go ahead reading the tips to score high, I would like to mention that I recently appeared for the AWS associate developer exam and scored 989 out of 1000. I would be sharing what all I did in terms of the resources, study materials and my experience that can stand helpful in your preparation journey. 

First & foremost I would like to tell you that if you are directly jumping to the AWS Developer exam without having any prior knowledge of AWS & its different domain and services then you would have a lot of confusions, unclarity & difficulty to understand the concept better that might affect your preparation and can go ununderstood or misunderstood along the journey which definitely you should restrain yourself from.

As it is said, the AWS services are entangled with each other, so I would suggest going through the AWS Solution architect associate course once. That would provide you a holistic view of AWS, its domains, services and help you get much more clarity, understanding and a good overview to get started with the next step of the developer`s journey on AWS.

As far as the resources and study materials are concerned, so I took the "AWS Developer Course" of Stephane Maarek on Udemy & practice test of Jon Bonso(Tutorials DOJO) on Udemy for the same. For revision purposes, Stepahe provides the link in the course's resource section to download the PPT that he uses while teaching and its a good to have one shot view of the important points in the context. I emphasize to attempt the test series of Jon Bonso because it helps you identify the calculated pace of understanding the question correctly and answering accordingly. The difficulty level of questions in the test series is kind of similar to what you would encounter in the main exam. It also provides a descriptive explanation of each question that helps a lot in understanding the different scenarios & services. Apart from this, I do recommend going through the white papers of AWS and documentations of services if time permits.

Important to note that the developer exam has more weightage for AWS serverless stack & dev tools comprising of Lambda, DynamoDB, API gateway, SAM, S3, CI/CD, ECS, X-Ray, etc other than the rest of the services, so pay a bit more attention to these.

I would like to reiterate what Stephane says and that is "not to take this learning or exam as a race" rather take your time, explore, learn and understand it thoroughly. If you don't understand the concept in one go, don't worry sit back relaxed and revisit it again and it would make sense eventually. Last but not least, don't study just for the exam but to get equipped with the cloud knowledge with in-depth insight of AWS & its offerings.

I hope this would be helpful and I wish you all the best!

Benefits From Certification

  • Knowledge is Power
  • I just did it for the giggles