AWS Solution Architect Associate




Expiry Month


Expiry Year


Time taken to Prepare

15 Days

Resources Used

  • Training Courses and Practice tests

Detailed Review Of Preparation

I started my cloud journey in 2019 when I heard so much about different cloud providers and I decided to start with Amazon Cloud.

There were a lot of comparisons between AWS and other Cloud Providers I read on google and It made me go through different tracks of AWS. I completed my third and final AWS Associate level certification on 27th Sept 2020. The Preparation journey was a mix of patience and restlessness as I had scheduled my exam and somewhere I was feeling if I will be able to meet the deadline but I motivated myself and finally when I saw my exam result I found hard work always pay you back.

Below are the steps I followed to prepare for this exam.

  • I registered for my first training course on I found the course content very nice especially the examples Author has used in the course to describe various AWS services.
  • Once completed I attempted practice tests present in the training course and found the gaps in my preparation.
  • My Second course was from The Practice tests are very well explanatory and also linked to the course videos wherever required.
  • Once I was set with the theory and practice assessments from training courses I decided to attempt mocks on the tutorial dojo. The Same course is also present on
  • Frequently asked questions on AWS are also very helpful

Other Exam Strategies

  1. List down the use of AWS services during your preparation and compare them with similar services used for achieving the same functionality. One example is Site-to-Site and AWS Direct Connect
  2. Make Utilization of complete 130 minutes during your exam
  3. Follow the approach of removing wrong answers based on the Keywords present in questions
  4. Mark for review those questions you are not sure about and come back later once you have attempted all the questions.
  5. Keep patience and stay calm.
  6. Crack the exam with flying colors.

List of Services I found at most of the places in Real Exam

1. RDS, DynamoDB, Aurora, Redshift:  When to use as per availability, latency

2. S3 bucket policies: The Examples were simple majorly on EC2 and DynamoDB

3. VPC-Peering, Transit Gateway, Site-to-Site, Gateway Endpoint, interface endpoint: When to use and how to use. Which one is effective on the public internet and How to connect multiple VPCs and VPNs together

4. AWS organization and SCP: How to restrict the access present with AWS Admin role

6. IAM roles and IAM policies

7. S3 storage classes: Its usage, time to fetch the objects in each storage class, Use cases for each storage class.

8. S3 transfer acceleration and CloudFront

9. Route 53 as a DNS

10. Cloudwatch agent, cloud watch logs, cloud trail: When to use CloudWatch Agent, How to set up CloudTrails

11. AWS Shield and AWS WAF: Use cases and scenarios

12. NACL and Security Groups: When to use NACL and when to use Security groups

11. EC2 user data and metadata

12. Application load balancer, Classic load balancer, and Network load balancer: Which one to use for UDP

13. EFS, FSx, EBS, instance store

14. Different types of EBS Storage: gp2, ioc1, sc1, st1

15. Different types of encryption and various Scenarios to use them

KMS, CloudHSM, SSS-S3, SSS-C, server-side encryption, and client-side encryption


All the best for the Exam. You can connect with me on my LinkedIn profile if need more assistance

Benefits From Certification

  • Pay Hike
  • My Job Needed It
  • Knowledge is Power