AWS Certified Developer - Associate Journey

Review By: Osman S Hasan



Expiry Month


Expiry Year


Time taken to Prepare

21 Days

Resources Used


Detailed Review Of Preparation


I had no knowledge of AWS's cloud offerings or services. But I did understand the need of their services. I had been studying programming for about a year, proficient in python, java, and javaScript.


required: Working with REST API's on the backend and communicating with a database

^ Having hands on experience developing full stack applications is helpful in the learning process and puts into perspective the importance of everything you are learning.

The Strat:

I studied about 1-2 (max 3) sections everyday of Stephane Maarek's Udemy Course, with there being about 30 sections, it took about 15-16 days to complete his lecture series.

Then I studied Stephane Maarek's AWS Developers - Associate Practice Exams:

I studied for 3-4 days, completing 4-5 practices tests.

It took me on average 1 hours and 33 minutes to complete a test. And it took me 2-3 (Max 4) hours per test to review.


Take minimum 4 practice tests, review every question and learn exactly why each multiple choice option is either correct or wrong.

On the practice tests I scored: 63%, 63%, 73%, 80% (I took a 5th test, but I don't remember the score for it)

Test Day (1 day)

try to relax, be comfortable, and pace yourself

I took the test and was not sure how well I did, there were quite a few tough questions, luckily deductive reasoning and tirelessly studying paid off. I passed with a score of 917/1000

Friendly Advice:

If you fail on your first try, don't worry it's okay, just keep practicing, you've made it this far because your persistence and effort, it will pay off. Good Luck! 

It's all about incremental growth, allow yourself to fail so that you may succeed.


Benefits From Certification

  • Pay Hike
  • Promotion
  • My Job Needed It
  • Knowledge is Power
  • I just did it for the giggles