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Michael Jordan once said, “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying”. I have failed my first attempt of PMP certification way back in April 2018. I was upset, disappointed and I thought of not going for another take.

One day; I was going through my LinkedIn post; and saw a mutual friend of mine in LinkedIn who had posted he passed PMP certification in his third attempt. This caught my attention and I sent him a DM; “How to Study for PMP certification”. Believe me I am going to give you all the same advise what he had told me which helped me to pass the PMP certification with flying colors on my 2nd attempt ????

1)     Go through 35 Hours PDU – This will help you to refresh the concept of Project Management. Go for Weekend Classes; and make use of your Weekdays revising the concepts.

2)     Book the exam 1 month post the training. Students who give exam within 1 months has more success rate to clear the exam. The more you delay; more chances you may tend to forget the concepts you learned. You may be busy with other works and exam would be in queue forever.

3)     Exam Outline: 200 multiple choice questions to be completed within 4 hours. Out of 200 questions, 25 Questions contains no marks (In your exam you needs to answer all questions; you won’t be able to know those 25 questions). Grades  are given out as “Below Target”, “ Target” and “Above Target” on the 5 Process groups as depicted below:

Initiating: 13% of questions are asked from this domain; followed by

Planning: 24%

Executing: 31%

Monitoring and Controlling: 25%

Closing: 7%

4)     For any exam; you need to have a study plan. That’s my funda ????

è Take a printout of the 49 Processes across 5 Process Groups and 10 Knowledge Areas. You will be tested on the exam based on the 49 Processes. My advice to you all is Never memorize the Processes; just go through the same every day and understand the concepts. Example: Why Scope management is required; if you know WHY; then the ITTO’s is easy.

è Read once, PMBOK® Guide, Sixth Edition

è Read the Rita Mulcahy’s

o   PMP Exam Prep (Ninth Edition) - It is very well articulated and guide to successfully complete the PMP exam, and be a better Project Management Professional.

o   Hot Topics (Ninth Edition) – Flashcards; It is a portable reference to be used to improve test-taking speed and information retention. It is the best way to manage your study.

è Practice Test; you can refer

Take the full length exam of Scott Payne, Andy Crowe and Jospeh Philips.


You can connect with me for any help Always remember, “Difficult roads always lead to beautiful destinations” . I Wish you all the best in your exam.

Benefits From Certification

  • Knowledge is Power