AWS SysOps Administrator - Associate

Review By: Tirumaleswara Reddy



Expiry Month


Expiry Year


Time taken to Prepare

150 Days

Resources Used

  • Udemy and Linux academy

Detailed Review Of Preparation

I Passed aws sysops administrator exam on my first attempt with an 884 score and it was a long journey to achieve this certification. I took more than 5 months to get this certification.

I strongly recommend before writing a sysops certificate please prepare for other associate level certificate courses as well. If you are writing an exam or not but have to prepare below patterns it will be helpful to clear the exam on your first attempt.

Cloud Practitioner or Solution architect associate -- > Developer associate --> finally sysops.  

Below is my journey to sysops certification

1. I started at initial time aws foundational course which is aws cloud practitioner course 

Resource: Linux academy(which is now A cloud guru).

2. Once I get confidence in fundamentals of cloud and I started preparation solution architect courses

Resources : Linux Academy - Andrian cantril(His courses are now in legacy mode but you can get updated course at &  Udemy -stephane maarek ) - this courses helped me to build high confidence to go to next level preparation.

3.Same resources I prepared for Developer associate courses honestly I skipped a few topicsin course which were already covered in Solution architect courses.

4.Sysops related topic courses  I prepared from Linux Academy 

Below courses helped me to build more knowledge on aws content.

SysOps Cources:

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate - SOA-C01 (LA) -- Linux academy

Configuring and Monitoring Governance of AWS Deployments? -- Linux Academy

ECS Deep dive in -- Linux academy

IAM Deep dive in -- Linux academy

Lab course --  Learn AWS by doing -- Linux academy.

5 Practice exams to test my knowledge where I was in preparation and I took Tutorials dojo and whizlabs which helped me with time management in exams.
6. Notes taken from FAQ's of AWS services and Whitepapers as well.

NOTE :AWS accommodation(ESL+30) which gives extra 30 min for non English speakers and I selected the option and total exam time 160 min.

PS: It is a long journey to learn and prepare  for me as I am working in a company whose infrastructure architecture  helped me alot as well..

Benefits From Certification

  • My Job Needed It
  • Knowledge is Power