AWS Cloud Practitioner

Review By: Bhaskar Pandey



Expiry Month


Expiry Year


Time taken to Prepare

15 Days

Resources Used

  • AWS learning and material from internet

Detailed Review Of Preparation

Cloud is now a game changer technology so considering this, I had started my journey to learn cloud technology and started preparation for AWS cloud Practitioner. Although, This was my very first step toward cloud learning.

 if you interested to learn and pass the AWS cloud Practitioner exam then you need to make a stretagy and plan.

here, I am sharing my experience what I followed and how I prepared this exam and how I passed the certification.

1)  First, I have downloaded the syllabus for AWS cloud practitioner and understood deeply that what will be asked in this exam. then, here, you need to make your study plan as per your interest like which topic you want to cover first but I have started as per AWS cloud practioner syllabus.  In the syllabus you will find the training video link which is really very useful to start you learnings.

2) Now, you need to go through the AWS training module for AWS cloud practitioner one by one. this is really good training I completed all the modules.

3) Make you own note for Important points sothat you can revision very quickly before the actual exam. this is very important part.

4) Once you have completed all the training module, now you should start one time revision of your own notes.

5) Explore all AWS white papers.

6)  You should explore important concepts in the internet in detail like cloud concept, cloud model etc.

7) Also if all done, you can take official AWS cloud practitioner practice test to boost confidence and  for gap analysis.

Best of luck !!

Benefits From Certification

  • Knowledge is Power