CSTE - Certified Software Tester- Acquire Skills to be a Testing expert.

Review By: Ram Gobburu



Expiry Month


Expiry Year


Time taken to Prepare

60 Days

Resources Used

  • CSTE preparation guide( provided by the the Authority after registering)

Detailed Review Of Preparation

As a software tester in my earlier days of my career, i wanted to know about the basics of testing, levels of testing and types of Testing. So to get more indepth knowledge into it i was driven to search for some good testing certifications where i can learn the concepts and apply in my day to day work. Then from a bunch of software Testing certification i picked CSTE and started preparing for it. It has very deep analysis of when to do what type of testing, up to what level and when to Automate and how to perform Test Metrics. The whole Test life cycle has been very well explained and well documented to user to understand.

Note: This certification can be seen as a learning benefit than Job hunt perspective. This might be of much help in getting good job oppurtunities but would be a plus in having but definetly benefits for any Testing Job interviews. View this as a material to learn.

Benefits From Certification

  • i-just-did-it-for-the-giggles