AWS Solution Architect Associates

Review By: Avijit Paria



Expiry Month


Expiry Year


Time taken to Prepare

60 Days

Resources Used

  • Udemy, Whizlabs

Detailed Review Of Preparation

For those who would like to pass exam for AWS Solution Architect Associates , below are the study guides , tips & tricks

Study Materials:

1.Udemy Course by by Ryan Kroonenburg

2.Linux Academy Course by Adrian Cantrill (

3.Udemy Exam preparation by Jon Bonso (Practice Set)

4.Whizlabs AWS Exam Practice sets (CSAA)

5.AWS whitepapers

6.Jayendra Patil blog

7. AWS cheat Sheet from "Tutorials Dojo"

Benefits From Certification

  • Pay Hike
  • Promotion
  • My Job Needed It
  • Knowledge is Power
  • I just did it for the giggles