My CKA preparation

Review By: Saran Raj



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Time taken to Prepare

60 days Days

Resources Used

  • udemy

Detailed Review Of Preparation

I have prepared mostly from the course by Mumshad munnambeth, Best part of the course is that he designed the course as per the exam curriculum even though it a lengthy course (14 hours) but its worth taking the course for the exam

Here are the few exam preparation tips:

  • Time management is important in the exam so if you are taking any practice test make a note that you are completing tasks on time
  • During the preparation its important to know on how to get the info from (documentation site)
  • Try using the Imperative commands a lot such as kubectl run and kubectl expose , kubectl create commands as they will help in complete the tasks on time
  • Always use this command source <(kubectl completion bash) this command will help in auto complete the kubectl command by double tab
  • While preparing, always validate the tasks which you complete it.
    • eg: create a pod , ensure its running properly or killed
    • create a service, then try running curl command to ensure reachable
  • kubectl logs - this command helped me in troubleshooting the logs so always try to stick to it
  • Never stuck on a question that takes more than 10 mins (if you are not sure just move on to next) as the question you stuck may have less weightage in exam and you may dont have time to complete the tasks which has more weightage
  • Try to have a laptop which has bigger display (dont go for 13 inch) because you have to rely on the digital notepad that takes a lot of space on your screen and you have to toggle between the terminal and notepad a lot.
  • Prioritize the question based on the weightage given on top of the question. It will help to skip a question which you are not sure and move on to next quickly

Benefits From Certification

  • My Job Needed It