PSK I Certification - How to prepare

Review By: Alexandra Ursea



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14 Days

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Detailed Review Of Preparation

I have recently passed my PSK I certification, however, I took the training provided by Professional Scrum with Kanban: I have some practical experience with Kanban but not a lot.

In case you are concerned with the fact that English is your second language, I want to put your mind at ease. English is my second language too. I cannot say that there was anything in the exam that might pose an issue to a non-native speaker.

The exam consists of 45 questions and the exam’s duration is 60 minutes. You need to obtain a score of at least 85% to pass the exam.


Exam Level of Difficulty

If your expectation is to pass, then I would categorize the exam as medium difficulty. If you expect though to get a score in the 90%’s, then I would say that it is very hard.


One needs to have at least the knowledge and practice of Scrum equivalent to a PSM I and a basic understanding or practice of Kanban.

What does the exam test?

·        Your knowledge of the Scrum framework (roles, events and artifacts) as well as additional related concepts described in the Scrum Guide.

·        Your knowledge of the Kanban practices listed in the Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams.

·        Your knowledge of how Scrum and Kanban can be used together for greater benefit without compromising the core principles of either Scrum or Kanban.

·        Your understanding of the agile metrics for Kanban and how to use them effectively. A relatively deep knowledge of lean metrics is expected.

Materials/Resources you can use to prepare:

·        The Scrum Guide:

·        The Kanban Guide for Scrum teams at

·        "Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability: An Introduction" book by Daniel Vacanti. In my case, reading the book helped me a lot.

·        A Scrum Primer for Kanban teams:

·        A Kanban Primer for Scrum teams:

·        Scrum with Kanban:

·        4 Key Flow Metrics

·        Limiting Work in Progress (WIP) in Scrum with Kanban - What / When / Who / How

·        Little’s Law for Professional Scrum with Kanban -

·        Take the Scrum Open Exam at a couple of times:

·        Take the Scrum with Kanban Open Exam at a couple of times:

 ·        Another site I found helpful is Simon Kneafsey’s site (PST at

 Additional resources on how to pass the exam:

I hope this helps. Good luck on the exam!


Benefits From Certification

  • Pay Hike
  • Promotion
  • My Job Needed It
  • Knowledge is Power
  • I just did it for the giggles