Learn PyTest from Scratch in 2022

Learn how to create and execute automation tests in pytest

11 sections • 43 lectures • 3hrs 34mins
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Learn PyTest from Scratch in 2022
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Welcome to the "Learn PyTest from scratch" course, a PyTest test framework that is a hot favorite choice of a Python developer.

This course is created in a way that even a newbie can follow. Whether you have never learned the PyTest framework or you know the basics but don`t know about the advanced topics, this course is for you. In this course, I will teach you the PyTest framework in the easiest way possible.

Testing is a crucial thing, the framework provides an easy way to adapt and use it to implement tests, PyTest is the most widely used, and as it is based on python programming language, which doesn`t need any introduction. Learning PyTest becomes very easy as of the simple syntax of python.

This course will teach you PyTest in a practical way, with every lecture coming with a full code walkthrough and a screencast presentation of a topic. Each section has an exercise to test your knowledge of what you will be gaining from the particular section.

I will start by helping you get installed needed things on your system, which include Python, PyTest, pip, and, PyCharm IDE.

I have covered a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Installing Python, PyTest, pip, PyCharm
  • Running a test in PyTest
  • Assert in PyTest
  • Understanding of the result of the test
  • Discovery of a test
  • PyTest way of identifying test files and test functions
  • Fixtures
  • Markers
  • Config files
  • Pytest.ini file
  • Command-line option
  • Running tests in parallel
  • How to limit max test failures

and much more!

You will get lifetime access to all the lectures plus the corresponding presentation slides of the lectures!
So what are you waiting for!! Learn PyTest with me in the easiest and most practical way and boost your career.

Course content
11 sections • 43 lectures • 3hrs 34mins

Course Introduction - 56secs
S1L1 What is testing, automation, framework - 10mins
S2L1 Introduction to pytest - 03mins
S2L2 Python Installation - 02mins
S2L3 pip Installation - 02mins
S2L4 PyTest Installation - 01mins
S2L5 PyCharm Installation - 04mins
S3L1 Run your first test in pytest - 06mins
S3L2 Code Walk through of running your first test - 07mins
S3L3 Exercise - 01 - 01mins
S3L4 Code Walk through of Exercise - 01 - 09mins
S4L1 Discovery of a test in PyTest - 02mins
S4L2 Exercise - 02 - 01mins
S4L3 Code Walk through of Exercise - 02 - 10mins
S5L1 Run all tests from files _ folders _ subfolders - 08mins
S5L2 Run all tests from a specific file - 03mins
S5L3 Run selective tests by matching substring - 06mins
S5L4 Extra on running selective tests by matching substring - 01mins
S5L5 Run selective tests by applied marker - 05mins
S5L6 Substring Vs Marker - 01mins
S5L7 Exercise - 03 - 01mins
S5L8 Code Walk through of Exercise - 03 - 04mins
S6L1 fixture - 02mins
S6L2 Code walkthrough of fixture - 09mins
S6L3 conftest - 06mins
S6L4 Exercise - 04 - 01mins
S6L5 Code walkthrough of Exercise - 04 - 09mins
S7L1 Parameterizing Test - How to run a test against multiple set of inputs - 09mins
S7L2 Skip Test - How to skip a test - 04mins
S7L3 xfail Test - How to use xfail in a test - 05mins
S7L4 Exercise - 05 - 01mins
S7L5 Code Walk through of Exercise - 05 - 10mins
S8L1 How to run test in parallel using x-dist pytest-plugin - 01mins
S8L2 Code Walkthrough of x-dist example - 08mins
S8L3 Exercise - 06 - 01mins
S8L4 Code Walkthrough of Exercise - 06 - 04mins
S9L1 maxfail in pytest - 08mins
S9L2 Exercise - 07 - 45secs
S9L3 Code walkthrough of Exercise - 07 - 03mins
S10L1 pytest.ini file - 03mins
S10L2 Code walkthrough of pytest.ini file - 08mins
S11L1 How to save pytest-result in HTML file.mp4 - 04mins
S11L2 How to save pytest-result in XML file - 08mins
Below are the objectives of this course: 
  • How to create and execute automation test suite in pytest
  • How to pick some/all/fixed number of tests to execute
  • Learn about fixtures and how to use them in your tests
  • Learn about markers, different types of makers
  • How to run tests in parallel to reduce overall execution time
  • How to generate pytest result report(HTML, jUnit-XML)
Rohit Dharaviya

Hey! I`m Rohit Dharaviya, I am a teacher, a student, and a programmer. By profession, I am a software engineer.

I have done my Diploma and Degree in Electronics and Communication from Gujarat-India.

Playing with computers and microcontrollers was always a favorite pass time for me, I used to teach in person. Topics I used to teach were Linux OS concepts, and programming languages like C, CPP, and python. I used to provide guidance on making micro-controller-based projects as well. In the process, I have made some cool projects on different MCUs like 8051, Arduino, etc.

I like to keep things simple, and I like to teach in the easiest way possible.

Sing up for my course and let's learn together, Join me to learn about programming concepts, coding & micro-controller projects.

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