(OCI) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Operations Associate Details

Certification Industry: Cloud

Certificate Name: (OCI) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Operations Associate

Certificate Issuing Authority: Oracle

Certification Price: 150 USD

Certificate Validity:

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) 2019 Cloud Operations Associate exam (1Z0-1067) is designed for individuals who possess a strong foundation knowledge in managing and operating infrastructure using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. This certification validates understanding of OCI services to control and operate infrastructure, such as but not limited to: monitoring, automation, cost control, data retention, and security control. This certification is available to all professionals.

Salary Details: 

USA:  $94,066 per annum(Source)

India: Rs. 533k per annum (Source)

How Long Does it Take to prepare for the Exam?

It is advised that you must have 6 months of experience in managing and implementing OCI services and practice as much as you can in labs or test environments. You must know how to automate cloud tasks, tune performance, monitor and alert OCI, manage security and compliance policies, and implement data retention.

(OCI) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Operations Associate Exam Details:

Exam Number: 1Z0-1067

Exam Duration: 105 minutes

Passing Score: 70%


  1. Credentials earned by passing 2019/future exams after 12-Sep-2019 will remain active for 18 months from the date of earning them
  2. Credentials earned by passing 2019 exams on or before 12-Sep-2019 will remain active till 12-Mar-2021
  3. Credentials earned by passing 2018/older exams will remain active till 01-Jun-2020

Test Center:  The exam is conducted at a test center or online at your home/office through Oracle OnVUE software which is monitored by an offsite proctor.

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